No Office, No Problem: Gen Z's Take on a Remote Company's Vibrant Culture

December 15, 2023

Seri Johnstone

As a new graduate entering the full-time corporate workforce, remote work both feels familiar and intimidating to me. I obtained my college degree from a healthy mix of in-person and online classes, yet the importance of working in physical presence has been championed from the start. I was always told how invaluable a face-to-face experience is, irrespective of my (and many others in my generation’s) successes in a virtual world. Therefore, when accepting a fully remote role at XponentL, I couldn’t help but feel like I would inherently be at a disadvantage in the start of my career. How would I feel productive? Would I feel isolated? How would the company’s culture permeate a physically distanced workforce?

Those hesitancies quickly dissipated when I experienced how thoughtfully the company’s remote operations are constructed. Rather than feeling 3,000 miles away from headquarters, I feel present with everyone else in a digital workplace. In addition to typical business meetings, multiple team chats and a weekly culture call help me feel closer with coworkers I’ve never met in person. Everyone is allowed and encouraged to share about their personal lives, hobbies, highs and lows of the week, and any other aspects they feel compelled to talk about. The company prides itself on truly listening to employees and their opinions on what’s happening, and I have felt that each day since I started here. Further, any issues that arise are worked through via an approachable and collaborative effort with the team, rather than through an isolated experience. 

While the debate for in-person vs remote work continues, and more companies than ever are calling workers back into the office, I feel secure in my decision about joining a company that values remote working. As a Gen Z’er this environment is inherently intuitive and, with a company well-designed for maximum productivity and community in a virtual realm, I feel confident in my decision and prepared for my career ahead.