Welcome to XponentL!

June 1, 2023

Tom Johnstone

Thank you for your interest in XponentL Data. Our mission here is to transform the way businesses interact with and benefit from data through brilliant data experiences. Our journey over the last 20 years has seen us deploy progressively more powerful data platforms to solve gnarly challenges with industry leaders across Healthcare, Life Sciences and Energy. Despite the massive improvements that we’ve seen in performance, scalability, security and overall functionality of these platforms, the user experiences our data and analytics industry delivers are still, well, terrible. 

Enter XponentL

We are leaders in the movement to productize data experiences. Through Data Products, we will reduce the time from question to answer, bridging the gap between data producers and consumers to help enable a suite of capabilities that deliver insights, fuels artificial intelligence and captures value. We’re going to do this while impacting health span, lifespan and energy efficiency…All through Data! 

But there’s something more, intangible yet undeniably present, that we want to do with this company. We’ve taken to calling it the “XponentL Xperience” - The attention to detail, innovation, customer service obsession and friendliness that defines not only our solution delivery approach, but the way we function together as a team. Through this culture, we aspire to bring a jolt of energy to this industry that we’ve spent our lives progressing. 

As XponentL’s leaders, we couldn’t be more thrilled about the team of data and industry experts who have joined our mission. In turn, our team has been energized and humbled by the support we have received from the community and is incredibly grateful for the wisdom and guidance that has been shared by those whom we hope to stand on the shoulders of. As we launch this company, a huge THANK YOU goes out to our friends and mentors who have helped us. 

Lastly, if you are a prospective client, partner or employee, we encourage you to contact us so you can start to feel the XponentL Xperience.