XponentL Data Announces the Launch of a GenAI Lab within our Data and AI Center of Excellence in Kosovo

The XponentL Data team recognizes the impact that new and innovative technologies have on society. To maintain our market-leading position in Data and AI, today we announce the launch of our GenAI Lab within our Kosovo Data and AI Engineering Center of Excellence (CoE). This innovative lab will focus on helping our clients to rapidly learn by enabling the rapid testing, validation, and deployment of leading GenAI solutions across healthcare, life sciences, energy, finance, and retail use cases.

Our clients and partners are coming to XponentL looking for ways to continuously innovate across their businesses through Data and AI. We see this as a great opportunity to further develop our Kosovo CoE and bring more innovation to our clients. The XponentL team will leverage platforms, capabilities, and solutions from several of our key partners (AWS, Databricks, Snowflake, Dataiku, etc.) to help drive these powerful innovations into a diverse range of business domains.

“We are so excited to announce the launch of our GenAI Lab and help our clients differentiate in the marketplace," said Matt Arellano, Chief Data Officer (CDO) at XponentL. "A key aspect of the XponentL GenAI Lab will be developing a library of use cases to help our clients ideate around GenAI. While the opportunities seem endless, our clients are struggling to understand how to maximize the yield from these new technologies and capabilities.”

This GenAI Lab will be led by Elkida Bazaj, one of XponentL’s leading AI engineers, with a deep background in applying new technologies and concepts to key business problems. “I’m so happy to have Elkida step into this role for XponentL. She’s had an amazing impact on our clients, and her leadership will help us to continuously drive innovation both internally and for our clients,” said Art Morales, Ph.D., XponentL’s Head of AI.

“I am thrilled to lead the GenAI Lab at XponentL!” says Elkida. "This initiative represents the convergence of advanced AI technologies and practical, real-world applications. Our mission extends beyond just leveraging AI's capabilities; we aim to customize these technologies to meet the specific demands of our diverse clients across healthcare, finance, energy, and other sectors. This isn't just about exploring new technological frontiers; it's about devising real, innovative solutions to address intricate business challenges. I am excited to collaborate with our skilled team and global technology partners to guide our clients towards a future where AI-driven strategies are fundamental to their success."

The XponentL GenAI Lab will work with key clients to scale their GenAI ambitions. One example includes helping a large global pharmaceutical company to improve the quality of business-critical data generated within their clinical trial systems, starting with using directed and inferential analysis of unstructured clinical reports to monitor and identify data quality and completeness gaps using Large Language Models and generative AI. This approach combines the power of LLMs and graph databases with traditional data quality approaches to analyze unstructured data in ways that were not feasible before. The GenAI Lab is also exploring ways to extend this approach to other areas where value from unstructured data is "locked away" due to the difficulty extracting insights.

We encourage you to reach out and contact us at XponentL Data for a conversation on how we might help to shape your journey with GenAI and accelerate its impact on your business.