Data + AI World Tour

Nov 7, 2023

New York

XponentL Embraces the AI Revolution at Generation AI!

AI is not just the future – it's the NOW. In this swiftly evolving landscape, the power lies in leveraging one's own data, building personalized models, and deploying them to redefine industry benchmarks. We, at XponentL, are thrilled to be part of this monumental shift, and we're taking our enthusiasm to the Databricks Lakehouse.


Why Should You Join Us?

This isn't just a meetup; it's a melting pot of insights:

  • Real-world Case Studies: Get inspired by tales of triumphs in data and AI.  

  • Innovations & Insights: From the renowned Databricks Lakehouse Platform to the power of open source tech like LLMs, Apache Spark™, Delta Lake, and MLflow. 

  • Network & Collaborate: Engage with top-tier practitioners, insightful thought leaders, enthusiastic customers, and dynamic partners.

Step into the future with us. Let's unravel the potential, challenges, and rewards of the AI-powered era, together.

See you there as we embark on this transformative journey of data, analytics, and AI. Let's make the future, today!