Data Cloud World Tour

Oct 2, 2023

New York

The world of data, apps, and AI collaboration is coming to New York

We're buzzing with excitement! XponentL is proud to announce our participation in the Data Cloud World Tour. This isn't just another event – it's a confluence of data, apps, and AI innovations all in one place.

From the future of generative AI and LLMs, to the intricacies of Apache Iceberg in Snowflake, we are gearing up for a deep dive. And let's not forget the promise of Snowpark Container Services opening new dimensions in data development!

Join us as we explore, learn, and pave the way to the future of data collaboration. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or a business maven, this is your chance to witness how Snowflake’s Data Cloud can reshape industries. We can't wait to see what new frontiers await us – and you! See you there.