Put AI to work

Sep 26, 2023

Springfield, NYC

🎉 Roll Up, Roll Up, The Future of AI is Here in NYC! 🎉

Look, we get it. AI is all the rage, with its flashy Generative wonders and space-age capabilities. But let's get real; there's a gap, a big one! Between the AI of our sci-fi dreams and what's really rockin' the business scene today. But hey, no worries, we've got a plan! Join us for the Everyday AI Conference and see how AI isn’t just for the movies – it’s for today, tomorrow, and every darn day after!

A Peek into Our AI Party Bag: 🥳
  • The Speedy Gonzales of Data: 🚗💨 Dive into the fast and the safe with Miller Fanning from Cox Automotive! Unravel the secrets of powering your data teams with top-notch tools. Think of it like giving your data team a sports car – but with all the safety features.

  • The Mystical Falling AI Tree: 🌳💬 Ever pondered this age-old question? If your AI's not giving back, is it even making a peep? Join the stellar panel, including Abdul Shaik and Ceci Dones, and discover how to turn your AI into a profit-generating machine! ROI, here we come!

  • The Coders and...Non-Coders Tango: 💃🕺 Mercado Libre's taking center stage to show us how everyone, yes, everyone, can join the data dance. Dive deep and see how a culture driven by data can make every move count.